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50 days until cheaper child care


The Hon Jason Clare MP
Minister for Education
The Hon Dr Anne Aly MP
Minister for Early Childhood Education
Minister for Youth

In 50 days, more affordable early childhood education and care will become a reality for around 1.2 million Australian families.

From July, families right across Australia will be able to benefit from real cost-of-living relief thanks to the Albanese Government’s Cheaper Child Care policy.

Most families with children in early childhood education and care will receive more money back in their pockets through the Child Care Subsidy, including some who were previously not eligible. 

For a family on about $120,000 with a child in care three days a week, the changes will cut costs by about $1,700 a year. 

The Child Care Subsidy rates will lift to 90 per cent for families on a combined income of $80,000 or less. 

The higher subsidy for families with a second and subsequent child aged five or under in care will be retained. 

The number of hours of subsidised care Aboriginal and Torres Strait children are eligible for will also rise to a minimum of 36 hours a fortnight from July, benefiting around 6,600 families and encouraging more to use care. 

Families can now calculate their Child Care Subsidy by visiting

The Government’s Cheaper Child Care policy is complemented by the $72.4 million early education workforce package included in this week’s Budget which supports the skills and training of workers in the sector.

These measures are supported by the currently open Community Child Care Fund grant round, helping to establish a new centre based day care or family day care service in an area experiencing limited supply.

Comment attributable to Minister for Education Jason Clare:

“In 50 days, child care will get cheaper for more than one million Australian families.

 “In 50 days, the changes we promised at the election will become a reality.

 “Anyone with children in child care knows how expensive it is. This will make a real difference.

 “Access to quality, affordable early education and care is great for kids, it’s great for parents, and it is great for our economy.”

 Comment attributable to Minister for Early Childhood Education Anne Aly:

“This is real cost-of-living relief to the household budgets for families struggling with the rising cost of living, while also improving the economic security of women.

“The cost of early childhood education is one of the first things families have to factor in when they sit down at the kitchen bench to do the household budget – we’re helping to ease that pressure.

“More affordable early childhood education and care means more Australian children can access the transformational health and education benefits of foundation years learning no matter their postcode or background.”