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Northern Territory Youth Engagement in Allied Health


Senator the Hon Anthony Chisholm
Assistant Minister for Education
Assistant Minister for Regional Development

A new initiative to inspire regional and remote First Nations youth to consider an allied health higher education pathway will be rolled out in the Northern Territory.

Assistant Minister for Education and Regional Development Anthony Chisholm said the Flinders University-led project was one of two higher education outreach projects targeting regional and remote communities selected to share in $6.5 million funding from the Australian Government.

“The Albanese Government wants to ensure all Australian’s have access to a high-quality education regardless of where they might live,” Senator Chisholm said.

“This project will support outreach into remote and regional communities, so students can access new opportunities for further study and careers.

“Students will benefit from mentoring support, family engagement activities and opportunities to experience what it is like to work in an allied health setting.”

Senator Chisholm said Flinders University would collaborate with a range of community partners, including Indigenous Allied Health Australia, to deliver the project across 2023 and 2024.

“The project will ensure that local First Nations communities and organisations have a leading role through the establishment of a unique First Nations governance model,” Senator Chisholm said.

“We know that we need more people studying allied health to fill skill shortages now and into the future.

“By showcasing available study pathways and employment opportunities in allied health, this project also has the added potential benefit of increasing the number of First Nations allied health professionals in the Northern Territory in the longer term.”

The Northern Territory Youth Engagement in Allied Health (YEAH!) project is being funded under Phase 2 of the Government’s Regional Partnerships Project Pool Program which empowers regional and remote students to aspire to higher education, and supports universities and Regional University Centres to build sustainable partnerships with local communities.