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City and remote schools partner to improve outcomes for First Nations students


Senator the Hon Anthony Chisholm
Assistant Minister for Education
Assistant Minister for Regional Development

Yadha Muru Foundation have been selected to coordinate and deliver the innovative City-Country partnership program on behalf of the Australian Government.

Assistant Minister Chisholm said Yadha Muru Foundation would work with high-performing metropolitan schools and schools in remote communities to look for opportunities to build strong and productive partnerships.

“I welcome the selection of Indigenous-led Yadha Muru Foundation to coordinate and deliver the City-Country Partnerships program, and I look forward to working with them to improve educational outcomes for First Nations students,” Assistant Minister Chisholm said.

“Round one is now open to non-government metropolitan schools to partner with remote schools to support improvements to management and teacher practices and to lift educational outcomes for students.

“I strongly encourage schools – both inner city schools and those in remote communities – to take this opportunity to form supportive partnerships and to work together to help give First Nations students the best possible schooling by drawing on the strengths and experiences that our high-performing schools can offer.

“We will then expand the program later this year to enable high-performing schools from all sectors to seek similar opportunities to partner with schools in remote communities.”

Yadha Muru Foundation Chairperson, Dr Leanne Holt, welcomed the Government’s decision to expand the program to include high-performing government schools.

“The program will empower, through education, the participating schools and communities to provide the best opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to successfully progress through all levels of their schooling, and then into post-school pathways,” Dr Holt said.

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