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A fresh approach to engaging young people


The Hon Dr Anne Aly MP
Minister for Early Childhood Education
Minister for Youth

The Albanese Government is laying the foundations for a better future for young people, ensuring young Australians are heard when creating government policies and programs that impact them.

Minister for Youth Dr Anne Aly will today launch nationwide consultation, for young people aged 12 – 25, to inform the Government's youth engagement strategy.

The first consultation will take place in Perth this evening with 100 young Australians – further consultations will occur around the country over the coming months, in a variety of ways that work for young people.

“Too many young people feel disengaged with political processes – this is about addressing that and ensuring young people across Australia have a say,” said Dr Aly.

“This consultation will feel very different, we are going to be speaking directly to young people to ensure the Government’s youth engagement strategy works for them.

“We’ll be going to festivals and events where young people are, social media will play a key role, and we have an easy-to-access online survey.

“We know that by working with young people we can deliver a better future for all Australians.”

The Government’s Youth Steering Committee, made up of 15 diverse young people from across the nation, has played a key role in developing the discussion paper and consultations being launched today.

Building on work already underway to restore the trust young people have in government, the consultations and youth engagement strategy will ensure young people are able to have a say.

The Albanese Government has already re-established the Office for Youth, a dedicated unit within government to improve policies impacting young people, and appointed the Youth Steering Committee along with 40 young Australians to five Youth Advisory Groups.

Young people can register to attend a consultation session or participate in the online survey at There are also opportunities for people and organisations that work with young people to participate.