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South Australia to benefit from schools investment and cheaper child care


The Hon Jason Clare MP
Minister for Education

More than 120 schools across South Australia will benefit from the latest round of the Albanese Government’s Schools Upgrade Fund.

The $3 million investment in 124 schools across the state will allow them to deliver much needed projects, including:

  • New or improved outdoor learning areas
  • New or upgraded air conditioning
  • Better ventilation; and
  • New tablets and laptops.

All schools across the country were invited to apply for the funding and projects were assessed by the Department of Education and selected based on need.

More than half the schools receiving funding across the country are in regional or remote areas.

The Albanese Government is delivering on its promise to invest in our schools and there is more to come.

In addition to vital school upgrades, 85,000 South Australian families will also benefit from the Albanese Government’s Cheaper Child Care.

From July, the cost of child care will be cut, delivering real cost-of-living relief for more than 1.2 million families.

Most families with children in child care will receive more money back in their pockets through the Child Care Subsidy, including some who were previously not eligible.

For a family on about $120,000 with a child in care three days a week, the changes will cut costs by about $1,700 a year.

The Child Care Subsidy rates will lift to 90 per cent for families on a combined income of $80,000 or less.

For families with two or more children aged five or under in care, the higher subsidy of up to 95 per cent will remain.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education Jason Clare:

“The Albanese Government is delivering on its commitment to invest in schools across the country – and there is more to come.

“In addition, from July, child care will get cheaper for 85,000 families across South Australia.

“Apart from the mortgage or rent, child care is the biggest bill that a lot of South Australian families have to pay.

“Cheaper Child Care will help with cost-of-living pressures and make it easier for parents to return to paid work, or work more paid hours, if they want to.

“This is a practical measure that is good for children, good for parents and good for the country.”

Quotes attributable to SA Minister for Education, Training and Skills Blair Boyer:

“I’m so pleased to see the Federal Government has made a real commitment to investing in education here in South Australia.

“These projects are desperately needed in schools across the state with a lot of them, advocated for by the students themselves, such as at Edwardstown Primary School.

“The Albanese and Malinauskas Labor Governments have been working collaboratively on ensuring initiatives for families are helping where they need to the most – and raising the childcare subsidy will have a huge impact on thousands of families in South Australia and will hopefully ease some of the cost-of-living pressures.”

Comment attributable to Member for Boothby Louise Miller-Frost:

“The Albanese Government’s invest in early child education and our local schools is a massive win for our local community.

“Nine schools in Boothby will get vital upgrades and our Cheaper Child Care changes will benefit about 7,300 families in the electorate of Boothby.

“I know local families are counting down the days until July as we look forward to more affordable, quality early education and care.

“This will be real cost-of-living relief for many local families, and an opportunity for more families to work, grow and thrive in our wonderful community.”