Students encouraged to investigate Sir Robert Menzies

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  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education

A welcome addition will be made to the National History Challenge in 2015.

The Menzies Foundation will sponsor a new category of the National History Challenge to encourage school students to investigate the legacy of Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies.

Senator the Hon Scott Ryan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education, acknowledged the Menzies Foundation’s support for the new category.

"Sir Robert Menzies is, in many ways, the key figure in modern Australian history," Senator Ryan said.

"Laying the economic foundations for the long post-war boom, expanding higher education, fostering trade and other relations in Asia, and ensuring affordable choice in school education are just some of the initiatives of the Menzies governments that all Australians directly benefit from today.

"I welcome the involvement of the Menzies Foundation in sponsoring this new and important category of the National History Challenge."

Sarah Hardy, Menzies Foundation chief executive, said the National History Challenge would help the organisation fulfil its mandate to promote excellence in education and perpetuate the memory of Sir Robert Menzies.

"We look forward to supporting young Australians to develop their research skills as part of their ongoing education, whilst learning about the legacy of Sir Robert Menzies," Ms Hardy said.

"The National History Challenge is a great way to encourage kids to get involved in educational opportunities."

The National History Challenge is an annual competition for school students run by the History Teachers’ Association of Australia and supported by the Australian Government.


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