Labor caught misleading families on child care. AGAIN.

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  • Assistant Minister for Education

Regarding Labor’s FALSE claims the Abbott Government has broken a promise on means-testing the Child Care Rebate:

Labor’s claims are false and a deliberate attempt to mislead working families in need of affordable, flexible and accessible child care.

To be clear - today’s media reports refer to alleged recommendations of a draft report that the Productivity Commission has not yet released.

The Government has not seen or received the draft Productivity Commission Inquiry report in question.

The draft Productivity Commission Inquiry report will also be a report to the Government, not by the Government. When the Government receives the draft report we will look carefully at the findings and recommendations, and respond in due course.

A second round of consultation will also follow the release of the draft Productivity Commission Inquiry report, with the final report not due until October 2014.

Labor’s claims today are therefore nothing but scaremongering at its worst and the Government won’t be speculating on a report it hasn’t seen.

The real issue today is that Labor has again been caught out for the second time this week trying to manipulate and deceive Australian families just for cheap political gain. They should be held to account.

We have already seen Labor this week launch a desperate letter writing campaign to child care centres, only to have it discredited within hours for misrepresenting both Early Childhood Australia and the Government.

“Statements by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) released today, misrepresent ECA’s modelling, which will further exacerbate potential confusion amongst families… ECA was clear that the impact related to the freezing of the indexation on Child Care Rebate and the Child Care Benefit, not a specific ‘cut’ or reduction in funding.” (Statement Early Childhood Australia, 30/06/14).

Labor had the opportunity to undertake a Productivity Commission Inquiry in Government, but they refused, instead putting politics before parents.

Labor are therefore clearly worried families are blaming them for child care fees skyrocketing 53 per cent during their six years in government.

Unlike Labor’s approach of policy on the run and band-aid solutions that only managed to push up fees further for families who could least afford it, the Abbott Government is committed to taking a considered and consultative approach to making child care more affordable, flexible and accessible for working families.

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